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        Brief Introduction to Renhe Cleaning Shanghai Co., Ltd.


        Renhe Cleaning Shanghai Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a professional company specially dealing with the dismantlement-free cleaning of engine room equipment on shipboard. For the past years, the Company has always hammered away at the researches and practices of technologies for dismantlement-free cleaning of engine room equipment on shipboard, and obtained plentiful scientific research achievements and practical experiences. At present, the Company has developed RH series cleaning technology with unique advantage. The technology is featured by high cleaning efficiency, innocuity, corrosion free, and short construction period, etc.; and has solved a series of troublesome and difficult problems such as that ship equipment must be disassembled, lifted, out of compartment, and dismantled, etc. for cleaning.

        So far, the Company has updated its self-possessed dismantlement-free cleaning process and detergent formula to the fourth generation; applied this technology to clean over 1,000 ships (times) and over 10,000 sets (pieces) of engine room equipment of China and foreign countries; has been well received by each party in the ship circle; and solved many important, urgent and difficult problems for ship owners.

        To meet the demand of shipping industry, the Company has cooperated with scientific research units, spent nearly three years in researching and developing practical and high-efficiency special cleaning equipment --- RH8060A cold-hot dual-temperature high-pressure cleaning machine, and up to this point, closed the pattern that there was no special cleaning equipment for dismantlement-free cleaning of engine room equipment on shipboard, greatly enhanced the Companys engineering quality and work efficiency, and made it possible to provide self-service and long-range technical cooperation services for customers. The Company has explored a feasible way to help customers reduce cleaning cost and independently arrange cleaning engineering, etc.

        Renhe Cleaning Shanghai Co., Ltd. has always persisted in the tenet of implementing high-quality engineering and setting customers heart at rest.

        The Company promises to deliver work higher than national standard, and to not deliver work or collect fees in case of being out of standard.


        Service items

        I. Cleaning Construction Service


        According to customers entrustment, the Companys construction personnel execute cleaning construction. Construction items are as shown below:

        1. Full dissolution and cleaning of scale in cooling water jacket of main engine and donkey engine;

        2. Overall in-situ full dissolution and cleaning of oil, dust and dirt on gas surface, and scale at seawater side of air cooler;

        3. Full dissolution and cleaning of scale on freshwater surface and vapour surface, seawater scale and marine growth scale on seawater surface of freshwater cooler, piston water cooler, and Kangting raw and warming-up water heater; 

        4. Full dissolution and cleaning of oil sludge on oil surface and seawater scale on seawater side of oil head cooler, lubricating oil cooler, and camshaft cooler;

        5. Overall dismantlement-free cleaning of oil sludge on the oil side and scale on the vapour side of fuel pulverization heater, and fuel heating coil, etc.;

        6. Dismantlement-free cleaning of fresh water generator;

        7. Cleaning of scale inside boiler pipe or jacket, such as incense coil, snake-shaped coil, finned flexible pipe, vertical cross water pipe, and horizontal fire tube, etc.;

        8. Descaling and cleaning of seawater pipeline system;

        9. Cleaning of scale in cooling water cavity of supercharger;

        10. Cleaning of bilge in the filtering core of fuel oil filter;

        11. Systematic cleaning of ice machine system, compressor system, air conditioning system, and lubricating oil system;

        12. Cleaning with special technologies of thoroughly-blocked valve body, valve seat, and oil injector at cylinder head, etc.


           II. Customers Self-support and Long-distance Technical Cooperation Services


        Upon the request of customers, the Company could provide customers with special equipment and detergent for cleaning of corresponding ships, carry out training about cleaning techniques for related construction personnel designated by customers, and then, trainees complete cleaning tasks independently. If required by customers, our Company could dispatch technical personnel to provide technical collaboration and assist customers with construction for fee. The equipment and detergents that our Company could provide are as shown below:

         1. RH8060A cold-hot dual-temperature high-pressure cleaning machine (see the Specification of RH8060A Cold-hot Dual-temperature High-pressure Cleaning Machine for details);

        2. RH90A cold-hot dual-temperature circulating cleaning machine (see the Specification of RH90A Cold-hot Dual-temperature Circulating Cleaning Machine for details);

        3. RH-YW-90 detergent (see the Directions for Use of RH-YW-90 Detergent for details);

        4. RH-SH-60 detergent (see the Directions for Use of RH-SH-60 Detergent for details);



        III. Plate Heat Exchanger (see the Brief Introduction to the Service of Plate Heat Exchanger for details)


        1. Overall dismantlement-free cleaning: being suitable for navigation repair, corrosion-free, short construction period, and good effect;

        2. Overhaul inspection and gasket replacement: Provide gasket in time;

        3. Plate replacement and reshaping: Provide single plates of various materials, and repair deformed plates;

        4. Provide assembly of plate heat exchanger: Timely supply of goods, quality guarantee, and customization according to demands.

        Standing models: M20(BR0.85)M15(BR0.62)M30(BR1.9) BR0.3EBR0.45BR0.85B BR1.1CBR1.7BR1.8CBR2.4





         Scope of Application

        This machine is a special high-pressure dual-temperature cleaning device for engine room equipment on shipboard in some certain environmental conditions, and is applicable to the cleaning of oil sludge and dirt from the fins of air cooler, the core of tubular cooler, the surface of equipment, compartment board and various spare parts.

         Performance Characteristics

        Electric heating without direct fire, stable operating pressure, small volume, light weight, and convenient movement; completely stainless steel shell convenient for scrubbing; open-type dual doors convenient for overhauling; simple operation, safety and reliability.


         Main Technical Parameters

        Power supply


         Instantaneous temperature rise


         Power of heater


        Specification of machine case


        Power of high pressure pump


        Weight of complete machine


        Working pressure


        Supporting detergent


        Water flow


        Applicable burdening box


        Note: The machine could be used in an intermittent way when the power supply is 440V; the theoretical instantaneous temperature rise is 60C

        Specification of RH90A Cold-hot Dual-temperature Circulating Cleaning Machine

        Scope of Application

        This machine is a special dual-temperature circulating cleaning device for engine room equipment on shipboard in some certain environmental conditions, and is applicable to the circulating cleaning of various engine room equipment, such as the cleaning of oil sludge and scale of plate heat exchanger, shell-and-tube heat exchanger, and air cooler, etc.

        Performance Characteristics

        Electric heating without direct fire, small volume, light weight, and convenient movement; high-temperature-resisting circulating pump, high-tech sealing structure, and leakage free; automatic temperature control, and stable heating; completely stainless steel shell convenient for scrubbing; open-type overhauling doors convenient for overhauling; simple operation, safety and reliability.

        Main Technical Parameters

         Power source


        Control temperature


        Power of heater


        Specification of machine case


        Power of circulating pump


        Weight of complete machine


        Water flow


        Supporting detergent


        Applicable burdening box




        Directions for Use of RH-YW-90 (RH-YY-90) Detergent


        RH-YW-90 detergent is applicable to the spray cleaning of the oil, dust and dirt, and oil sludge at the gas side of air cooler, the oil side of oil cooler and oil heater, and the oil sludge on the surface of equipment on ships.

        RH-YY-90 detergent is applicable to the dipping and circulating cleaning of the oil, dust and dirt, and oil sludge at the gas side of air cooler, the oil side of oil cooler and oil heater, and the oil sludge on the surface of equipment on ships.

        The optimal work temperature of RH-YW-90 (RH-YY-90) detergent shall be 85-90. Working liquid may be heated by means of electric heating and vapour heating, etc. In case of vapour heating, its necessary to consider the possibility that the moisture carried over in vapour heating is infused to working liquid and thus reduces the concentration of working liquid, so the concentration of working liquid shall be enhanced properly.

        For the sake of convenient transport and storage, RH-YW-90 (RH-YY-90) detergent in original package shall be high-concentration mother liquor, which shall be diluted with 9-14 times of water and prepared into working liquid in service. In preparation, the mixture shall be sufficiently stirred to ensure even concentration.

        After RH-YW-90 (RH-YY-90) detergent is prepared into working liquid, its possible to clean equipment with corresponding cleaning methods. The cleaning time shall be determined according to equipment and scale thickness, etc. After ending of cleaning, its necessary to rinse the equipment with plentiful clean water, till that the equipment become clean.

        RH-YW-90 (RH-YY-90) detergent is basic and corrosion-free for equipment (corrosion rate below 0.67g/O.h), shall not contact the skin for long time, and shall be rinsed away with clean water immediately in case of contacting the skin.

        RH-YW-90 (RH-YY-90) detergent shall not be used to clean equipment made of aluminum materials. In case there are aluminum fittings on some equipment, such equipment shall not be cleaned until such aluminum fittings are taken off. RH-YW-90 (RH-YY-90) detergent will produce air bubbles directly after contacting aluminum, and the higher the temperature is, the more drastic the reaction will be. In case such phenomenon is discovered in cleaning process, its necessary to stop cleaning at once, infuse clean water and drain working liquid simultaneously, until taking out aluminum parts before continuing cleaning.


        Directions for Use of RH-SH-60 Detergent


        RH-SH-60 detergent is applicable to the descaling and cleaning of common scale in various equipment and pipelines.

        The working temperature of RH-SH-60 detergent must be below 60. For the sake of convenient transport and storage, RH-SH-60 detergent in original package is high-temperature powder, which shall be diluted with 13 times of water and prepared into working liquid in service. In preparation, the mixture shall be sufficiently stirred to ensure even concentration.

        After RH-SH-60 detergent is prepared into working liquid, it is possible to clean equipment by means of sprinkling, dipping and circulating, etc. The cleaning time shall be determined according to equipment and scale thickness, etc. After ending of cleaning, its necessary to rinse the equipment with plentiful clean water, till that the equipment become clean.

        RH-SH-60 detergent is acidic and corrosion-free for equipment (corrosion rate below 0.41g/O.h at 25), shall not contact the skin for long time, and shall be rinsed away with clean water immediately in case of contacting the skin.

        Warning: RH-SH-60 detergent shall not be dipped and circulated in closed type but surely in open type, since it could discharge gases sufficiently. Its necessary to wear working clothes and acid- and alkali-resistant gloves in the preparation of detergents.

        Brief Introduction to the Service of Plate Heat Exchanger


        Plate heat exchanger has been widely applied to the oil/ water cooling and heating, etc. of marine main engine and donkey engine for its small volume and high-efficiency heat exchange. However, plate heat exchanger is of high price and precise structure, so the repair, fitting replacement, complete-machine replacement of plate heat exchanger are not only highly expensive, but also greatly difficult and strongly professional. Insufficient preparations will make it impossible to repair equipment as planned, even damage and destroy the equipment, and directly affect the normal operation of ships.


             At present, the replacement of fittings and complete machine of plate heat exchanger basically gives priority to one or two imported products; the maintenance is also undertaken by the offices of overseas manufacturers in China. It not only takes high expenses and long period, but also makes users relatively passive in the process. Users have small space of choice, and their demands could not be well guaranteed.


             Whereas this situation, our Company has combined our own advantages and characteristics, formed a complete set of perfect service system in terms of the repair, fittings replacement, and complete-machine replacement, etc. of plate heat exchanger after long-term exploration and practices, and could provide users with high-efficiency, convenient, safe and top-quality services.


              The maintenance of plate heat exchanger mainly includes overhaul inspection, cleaning, and plate reshaping. After some time of use, plate heat exchanger will have such problems as blockage of interval channel, degradation of heat exchange performance, leakage, and even deformation and damage of plates, etc. Therefore, overhaul inspection and cleaning shall be conducted periodically, and if necessary, plates shall be reshaped and replaced. These maintenance works must be completed by personnel with mature professional techniques and abundant work experiences.



             Renhe Cleaning Shanghai Co., Ltd., since being established in 1998, has always hammered away at the research and construction practices of techniques for cleaning of engine room equipment on shipboard. Up till now, the Company has completed the cleaning engineering of over 1,000 ships, and upgraded its cleaning techniques comprehensively for four times. In this process, the Company has carried out deep-going researches and practices about the cleaning of plate heat exchanger for multiple times; formed a set of dismantlement-free cleaning techniques; realized high efficiency, safety, corrosion free, and short construction period; greatly satisfied the demands in the cleaning market of marine plate heat exchanger. In 2005, the Company continuously conducted technical cooperation with multiple domestic manufacturers of plate heat exchanger, and from therein, the Company has commanded a complete set of maintenance techniques, cultivated a batch of technical employees with abundant construction experiences, and could provide replacement services of complete machine and fittings for users.


        So far, the Company has completed the maintenance and replacement services of over 400 plate heat exchangers, has saved plentiful capital and time for users, and has been well received by users.


        Service Scope

        1. Overall dismantlement-free cleaning: being suitable for navigation repair, corrosion-free, short construction period, and good effect;

        2. Overhaul inspection and gasket replacement: Provide gasket in time;

        3. Plate replacement and reshaping: Provide single plates of various materials, and repair deformed plates;

        4. Provide assembly of plate heat exchanger: Timely supply of goods, quality guarantee, and customization according to demands.


        Standing Models

        M20(BR0.85)   M15(BR0.62)M30(BR1.9)   BR0.3E  BR0.45    BR0.85B BR1.1C   BR1.7   BR1.8C   BR2.4




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